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    VR200 and WAN Configuration

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    Hi at all,
    i'm new on this forum.
    I've just bought my new ADLS Wireless Router TP-Link VR200 and I want connect it with an external adsl antenna.
    The ethernet cable (internet) is connected to the WAN port.
    I tried to make the wizard configuration but this ask me if I want configure and ADLS or VDSL. If I try to continue choosing one of this the wizard say to me that internet doesn't work (I think that this wizard is dedicated id i have the RJ11 cable connected to the switch but is not my case),
    I don't need this, I want configure the WAN port por manage the internet connection that come from the external ADSL antenna.

    Actually I'm using TP-Ling WR741N and works fine.

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

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    I've configured the Router with the main configuration : "Wireless Router Mode"


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    There is no need a dual wan. What you need is to open a port on router A (SSH) for example, so you can access it from anywhere, including your LAN B network. However, this is not recommended, as anyone can try to break in. You can filter trafic with iptables, and allow only LAN B public IP to access, but it would be hard to maintain if you have a dynamic IP.


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