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    Question TL-SG108E multiple networks over 1 cable

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    Hi there,

    Since I am quite new to the whole TP-link managed switch scene I decided to first see if I could get an answer here before going on a wild goose chase without even knowing what I have to look for. Also: I am not immediately looking for someone here to solve this issue for me; I would simply like to know if my idea would be possible with the TL-SG108E switches.
    I would like to setup 3 different networks at home, but I want to use only 1 cable to distribute them between several TL-SG108E switches. I will try to explain this situation below simplified as much as possible:
    • Switch A only serves as a "collector" of the 3 networks and distributes them on 1 port:
      • Port 1: normal internet input, directly from standard router
      • Port 2: VPN connection input directly from a second router, configured to use an external VPN server
      • Port 3: home based linux server in
    I then want to distribute all of this with 1 cable from switch A port 4 to switch B port 7 which would then have:
    • Swirch B
      • Port 1 and 2: normal internet out
      • Port 3 and 4: VPN connection out
      • Port 5 and 6: Linux server out
      • Port 8: forward the 3 connections from port 7 to switch C
    Switch C would then have the same connections available as switch B and so on.
    I tried searching for "trunking" but this does not seem to be the correct term for TP-link switches.
    Like I stated above: I am not asking someone to do this job for me; I would simply like to know if this could work so I know if I can purchase these switches.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Never mind, I think I found it after consulting a coworker. Thread can be closed.


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