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    Question MR3020+e398: Connection successful but no internet

    Model : MR3020

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : latest, 3.17.2 Build 150921 Rel.62529n

    ISP : 3-AT

    i've a strange problem with a mr3020 and a plugged in huawei e398.

    The router says "Identified" and "Connected" for the stick, the internet light is on,
    the 3g/4g ip adress or dns servers got values,
    but it is not able to access the internet.

    I've noticed that the router is not able to use ping,
    tracert or a ntp server over the web interface.

    I looks like the data does not reach the stick and I don't know why?
    It works when I connect it directly the laptop.

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    You can check the log whether MR320 identify your modem or not. I think it should be a compatibility issue, you should use a modem listed in the compatibility list.

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    I agree to you it looks like a compatibility issue.
    Nevertheless I solved it with a flash to the DD-WRT firmware and afterwards my two modems worked without a problem.
    Sadly the quick configuration switch gets useless with an alternative software.


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