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    Cpe 210 & tv in bridge mode

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    Hello, i would like to buy the product in question, i would like to know, you can connect via lan directly to tv in bridge mode. Thanks bye

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    Cpe 210 tv in bridge mode

    I can't find any emulator for this router so I don't know if it has a wireless bridge mode. I'd like to use it as a Wireless AC bridge, repeating the signal from my router.Is it possible?I know Dlink has a bridge DAP-1525 but it's only Wireless N. http://csgobingo.pro

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    Emulator for CPE210/510 and WBS210/510 is here: http://www.tp-link.de/resources/simu...510/index.html

    Yes, the CPE210 supports bridge mode and no, it does not support 802.11ac (and I never ever saw any 2.4 GHz gear supporting 802.11ac, there are too few frequencies available for channel width of up to 160 MHz in the 2.4 GHz band). Even the CPE510 (the 5 GHz pendant of CPE210) does not support 802.11ac.

    But do you really plan to use outdoor equipment for long-range, directional radio links in your living room to bridge a TV to a LAN? Ok, I don't know how big your living rooms are, maybe they are as large as 2,500 meters on each side , then the CPEs would perfectly fit.
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