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    T1700G routing only one way

    Model : T1700G-28TQRev1

    Hardware Version : 1

    Firmware Version : 1.0.3 Build 20160601 Rel.52662(s)

    ISP :N/A

    Hello community

    Unfortunately my routing only works in one direction and I have no idea why. So, the configuration:
    T1700G: and (Routed Port)
    WiFi AP:

    So I have two interfaces in the T1700: one for the default VLAN 1 ( and one dedicated port 10 (

    So the routing table looks like that:
    Protocol Destination Network Next Hop Distance Metric Interface Name

    static 1 0 DEFAULT
    connected 0 1 DEFAULT
    connected 0 1 WLAN GW

    Now to my problem: The routing works from to anywhere. I can ping e.g. every WLAN / WiFi device or google. But from the WiFi AP I only can reach the Switch. Not the Firewall or e.g. the DHCP (DHCP Relay) Server.

    What the f*** did I wrong?

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    Check the route (it's, not


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