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    Question TL-R480T+ "Online detection failed" for ever

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    I was trying to ask this to tech support, but they just closed the chat after reading the question - my first experience with TP-Link tech support!

    I own this TL-480T+ recently and was trying to use it between two internet connections - WAN1 as primary and WAN2 as backup. WAN1 has a daily data cap, and after that it disconnects from internet - basically ping failure will happen (to, which I manually configured). Then it is expected to switch to backup. This works as expected and WAN1 will be marked as "Online detection failed" - which is perfectly true.

    The issue is at midnight, once the data cap is reset, ISP connected to WAN1 will be again active. The test IP address will ping again. However, the router won't honer that and stays forever as "Online detection failed". I need to go, disconnect WAN2 cable to force it back to WAN1. This is not what is expected.

    Do anyone else have this problem? I do manual online detection, only using ping to DNS lookup based online detection is disabled on purpose. The ISP CPE has captive portal, which spoof any DNS request (while disconnected from internet) and respond back with its own IP - which will trick the router unless I disable it.

    I could have lived with this issue if there was a shell based or API based facility to disable/enable selected ports. I should have configured a script post midnight to disable backup WAN for few seconds to wake up primary and then enable backup - however I don't see any way to disable/enable ports except physically disconnecting the cable. Is there any such facility which I am missing?


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    is that waste of money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by w20grippy View Post
    is that waste of money?
    After using this for last few weeks, I can confirm it is almost a waste of money. As you see above, tech support is useless and helpless. I believe they close chats so rudely because they don't have any answer or solution. By not talking to me, I take it as they acknowledge that this is a known issue and they don't have a solution. They must be feeling ashamed to face customers.

    Net result is, it works when it works, and every day I need to do some physical intervention with the router to activate fail overs. Many times it fails online detection - even if respective test ip addresses are reachable (and still pingable through the diagnosis page of same device).

    No API to deal the situation automatically except rebooting the whole router - which is the last resort for me. May be I will end up there.

    My current situation is - I always keep one WAN cable disconnected. Yes, I do the fail overs manually now - which defeats the whole purpose of buying this router - thus I can proudly declare that it is a waste of money.

    So, the best is to stay away from this. If you really want to give it a try, go for the cheaper TL-R470 model to apply stop loss on your attempt.

    If any of TP-Link guys reading this - I am still open to work with you as a gunny pig to help/test your new firmwares. I am sure it is a good hardware and these issues are just the software side. If you are keen in improving your product and thus survive in the market, take this seriously.


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