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    TL-WA901ND bridge mode AP not working

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Ive configured the TL-WA901ND bridge mode AP.

    No DHCP and a lan has static IP address of

    I see it successfull connect to the root Router and register its ip address.
    Client connect fine to its WAP (TP-LINKDS)
    Clients also get correct ip addresses and the root router ip address for default gateway (

    However nothing i do allows me to ping the from the TPLINK device.
    Obviously i cant to the internet either

    has anyone gotten this mode to work?


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    Hardware version?
    Firmware version?

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    It turned out to be bridge mode was teh issue... AUTO, wasn't so auto... i had to choose WDS-1

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    the auto setting for bridge mode turned out to be the issue .. once i selected wds-1 it started working

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    Junior Member myandylai is on a distinguished road
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    I just brought the TL-WA901ND v4 and having lots of issue with it. Maybe I also try with the WDS-1 setting too.

    For me I face almost the same issue. Even it display the Source AP SSID, Channel No, Wrong Channel Width 40Mhz (mine set to 20Mhz). Client acquire IP and gateway config but no internet access. Directly connect with device to source AP works fine just like you did.

    Best regard.

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    how to download Firmware for TL-WA901ND?


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