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    HS110 Energy Usage and Runtime in Kasa App

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    I've just bought a HS110 and gone through the configuration using the Kasa app on an iphone.

    It's been running about two hours now but initial summary page is all zero's for the summary. If I go into Energy Usage it does show a number for Current Power but I have to go back to the summary screen and then back into the Energy Usage screen for this to change. I.e. it doesn't seem to dynamically change. Is this correct ?

    Additionally on both the Energy Usage screen and the Runtime screens every other reading is just zero. I can sort of understand that a summary may not be updated frequently but surely the current runtime figure should show how long since it was turned on ?

    Any help appreciated


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    I found that same problem, the data of 'Energe Usage' / 'Runtime' not updated dynamically. I have to go back to main page and select the smart plug in order to read the updated data.


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