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    GOOD NEWS: Archer C7 - 11n mode ONLY, can be choosed now

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    ( a good news for all Archer C7 users )

    The beta version that is released 1 week ago, all users that use Archer c7 can choose 11n mode only.
    Of course it is not as stable as other N-mode Router's such as netgear, asus, etc but they are trying to fix this i hope.

    So for all those that are using b/g/n mixed mode can NOW with beta choose only N-mode.

    Beta: Firmware Version: 3.15.2 Build 170419 Rel.55185n
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    Yeyy, i really hope getting a stable version and send it to officiall Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by timi View Post
    Yeyy, i really hope getting a stable version and send it to officiall Download
    It is pretty stable even now in Beta that i am using, so try it and see how it works for yourself.
    My opinion it works great in only N-mode
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    Where to download?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer77 View Post
    My opinion it works great in only N-mode
    Sounds good! So, TP-Link staff obviously took care of your wish, isn't this great? Please share the download link if possible, would like to install it, too. Thx!

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    It seem the TP Link support just e-mailed me about this new beta firmware-update and sent the file directly to my e-mail.
    So there is no link to it, i just have the file to the newest Beta firmware for Archer c7 v2.
    How to send it to you guys? - Or how to fix a link to it ?
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    Junior Member archer3003 is on a distinguished road
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    How do we get the same thing ? Support team, please post it somewhere.

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    You could upload it here as an attachment to a post.

    When replying (or editing), click on Go Advanced to open the advanced form. Scroll down to Additional Options and click on Manage Attachements. A popup window with File Upload Manager opens, where you can add files as attachments by clicking on Add Files. I'm not sure what limit they have here, but since zip archives are allowed, it could work. Once uploaded, just add it to the Attachments pane on the bottom of the File Upload Manager to include it in your posting.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It doesn't seem to work, maybe because the file is 15.6 Mb big size.
    I don't know if i am able to upload to some website and then share the link here ?

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    Here is the newest beta for the Archer c7 v2
    Let me know how it works for you guys, bcz for me it works perfect on N-mode only.


    http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=98997518727233028591&t=989975 1872723302859170184

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    Thanks , i will try it tonight or towmorow.

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    Let us know what you think about it.Don't forgett that you can choose N-mode only, and not mixed mode

    Quote Originally Posted by timi View Post
    Thanks , i will try it tonight or towmorow.
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    Thanks Archer77, could load it. Will install it later this day.

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    Ok, i have installed it !

    I have reset the router before put it, then put to lan.. and load it... it may take a will to reset the router after put it about 5 minuts.. so don't touch it .

    Nothing new in the firmware , only the option to put ONLY N in 2.4 ghz ...

    Also the my easy are buring about the page with beta tp link ..grrr

    Until now it is ok.. i have to wait this week to past to see how it perfome.

    Only wish now that @tplink to put in 5 GHz ONLY AC , and channel with 20/ 40/ 80


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    timi, e-mail tp link official and tell them to make only AC on 5Ghz as now only N-mode in 2.4Ghz, and let them know that everybody want's this.Another thing that has been
    improved is the stability and the dropp connection, there is no dropp connection with this latest beta.
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