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    I buy an used NC200 camera but I can't reset it

    Model : NC200

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hi everybody, I buy an used NC200 camera but I can't reset it, its front LED always remains on solid red, I have tried many sequences for pressing back RESET button without success. I have pressed 5, 10 o more than 60 seconds, pressed and connected to power source (LED WPS/Reset flashes green once), connected via utp port to many routers models, and so on. I havenīt passed the first step for configuring the camera.

    Any ideas, thanks in advance.

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    Junior Member Fachrizal is on a distinguished road
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    Usually in terms continue the reset button up to 30seconds and let it boot as normal, as we knew that each of camera has its functions likes NC200 mainly to record, taking picture, and others but only depends on its function, it was different with another like it couldn't be using for photobooth, foto studio, or anything else related in photography it was only using DSLR and the reset setting also too different.
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    If the reset button is not able to change the red light,which means this camera has something wrong.


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