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A long time ago I filed a support issues because of a bricked switch. Caused by a regular
firmware update. No one responded so I took my losses and I never by TP-Link products again.

That said. I'm currently trying to debrick the switch for educational reasons. I've managed to read
the flash chip (Windbond 25Q64FVSIG). So I've got a raw flashrom of the switch. No I like to compare
this data with an original firmware. But the contents of the raw flashrom is very different from the
firmware update downloaded on the site.

So I have some questions:
  1. What is the layout of the raw flash rom? binwalk and a-like tools do'nt offer much information.
  2. How does this relate to downloaded firmware updates? I could not find any signatures in all files
  3. Is it possible to download a raw flash rom for this switch? This includes everything: bootloader, config, firmware, etc
I hope someone can help me debrick this switch. I'm not going to use RMA because no one cared in the past at TP-LINK.