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    Exclamation R600VPN Lan port disconnect every day

    Model : TL-R600VPN

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 1.2.3 Build 140801 Rel.49374n


    My router is behind a cable modem (192.168.10.x), the router manage a network with 20 clients (wifi connection through a netgear WNDR4300 IP + ethernet clients).
    The DHCP allow 50 addresses ( to 150), I have some IP reservations (3 on the DHCP range and 5 on static range between and
    The issue is on a particular Lan port #4 link with a switch not manageable (Dlink GO-SW-8G), this part of network is a 100MB, the other (direct link with the router) is a 1GB.
    The VPM is disabled.
    Every day this port are off. The only solution is to unplug the cable on port 4 during 10 seconds and replug. Sometime I need to reboot also the router.
    This issue appears since 3 weeks, without change on the setup and on the network. I changed the switch, the cable, the port (from 4 to 2) without improvement.
    During the issue the other port 1,2 & 3 works well.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you for your input.

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    Woo...really strange. You mean all the other ports can work fine only the port 4 have this issue? How many devices do the Dlink connect?

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    Red face R600VPN Lan port disconnect every day [SOLVED]

    The solution was found. the issue is on the cable between the router and the dlink (1 wire was not correctly plug). After fix the cable issue i have no error since 3 weeks.

    Problem solved !



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