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    TL-R600VPN V3 WAN/LAN subnet issue

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    I am trying to setup this router to connect some networked machines to the network. One of these machines requires the IP address, so the router has to be This router connects to my ISP router. My ISP router is Every time I try to set this router's IP to, it says it cannot be on the same subnet as the WAN. However, the WAN subnet is To further frustrate me, the router's logs say that the LAN and WAN MUST be on the same subnet. How can I get this configuration to stick?

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    Hi, dude. I think maybe you misunderstanding something. Your ISP router has a IP of That means your R600VPN will get a private IP with the subnet of
    Then, you need to change the R600VPN's LAN IP to another one which is not
    Your WAN IP of the R600VPN is not, it is the Mask of the IP address. If you set Dynamic IP address, after you plug the cable to the LAN port of your ISP router. R600VPN
    will get a IP, you can see it on the page of WAN. But the R600VPN's default IP is, so you have to change it LAN to first. Or there will be a conflict.


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