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    How to setup double home network?

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    I have a home with a separate home office. In the home I have a TL-WR840N router, and in the office I have a TL-WR741ND.
    As the ISP antenna is in my land, both routers have Internet access.
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    But I want to start sharing resources between both networks (each one has a different SSID).
    How can I setup each router to access the printers and files on the other router, but use its own Internet access?

    Thank you.

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    Setting up a home network allow users to share files, share printers, share broadband Internet access, play network games and much more. Before setting up a network, you should decide everything that you need to be able to accomplish with it. Below are links to different computer networks you can run at your home.
    With the help these four networks we can set up our home network:-

    Peer-to-Peer network
    Network with file sharing
    Network with modem Internet sharing
    Network with broadband Internet sharing

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    Bridge the two networks, if the wireless devices have that feature. The next option would be set up your own ftp server on the business side, and only allow certain users to access. On all my WiFi devices I setup AP Isolation, I do not like wifi devices being able to see all computer through networking. If anyone is thinking about networking two LAN's using different ISP's, this type of router is a better option for security. http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/d...TL-ER6020.html
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