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    [Help] Connect via LAN 3 Xbox 360 With AP mode

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    Hello... My name is Victor and im from of Mexico (sorry if i say a wrong word, my english isnīt so good)...

    I have a 2 outdoor access point (TL-WA7210N) connected via AP - Client

    So I want play in my xbox with my friend xbox via lan, at the ggame lobby we can see our profiles but we canīt sign in the party. The message say: Impossible to conect... its possible the other group have an another settings for red incompatible than you. Your settings with NAT open can be compatible.

    I can connect with my other xbox at the same switch, but we cant connect to the other person..

    Can anybody help me with the configuration (Ip, gethaway)

    We have this red:

    Modem ----WIFI----> AP1 ----Lan cable----> Switch ---> Xbox 1 & Xbox 2

    AP1 --Wifi--> AP2 (By client mode) ---> Swicth --> Xbox 3

    #Note We can open the google and search anything, I did ping and everything is correct

    Thank you

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    What's the mode of AP1? Why it's connected to both modem and AP2 via Wi-Fi? If it's in AP mode, there is no NAT.
    Can you draw the whole topology more clearly?
    And do you mean Xbox1 can reach Xbox2, while it can not reach Xbox3?
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    You sure that your XBOX can work without the two TP-Link outdoor APs? Maybe you should open the NAT on the router first. Outdoor AP is not a NAT device


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