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Thread: NC250 hassles

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    Angry NC250 hassles

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    I would like a response as to how ludicrous it is that I had to load up a windows xp computer with an old version of firefox to be able to setup the motion detection area on this camera.

    Would anyone agree with me that in 2017 this just seems a bit silly for a product I purchased 2 days ago?

    TP-link really need to pick their game up and sort out a better way for the old npapi plugin to be redone in modern web browsers.

    Firefox no longer support it.
    Chrome no longer support it.
    IE 11 wouldn't even allow me to log in and even tried it with compatibility mode.
    It was scary enough that I resorted to IE let alone the fact that the page just WOULD NOT LET ME LOG IN!

    Cmon TP-link, always supported your products and massively disappointed.

    Its not you are running out of money to be able to pay for developers to sort this out.

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    Raspberry Pi & Motioneyes

    This combo works in all browsers, Ispy & VLC player. A bit of setting up but i did it & i am 71.I used an old Logitech webcam , $15 worth.


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