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    Junior Member abarrio is on a distinguished road
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    Angry HS100. Same problem.

    I have the same problem with a HS100 unit. Every 2-3 days, the unit is unreachable with the Kasa App and the wifi and power leds are off. I have to unplug and plug again to solve the problem.

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    HS105 Keep Falling off from network

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    Since there was nothing forthcoming I decided to play around a bit more. It seems the HS100's are stable on the network and believe this should work for the HS105's. But this is going to be specific to the Netgear R7000 router. This is what I have set to keep these on the netwrok:

    1. It seems they may be wireless channel specific so I've set the 2.4GHz channel to 5 and the mode up to 600Mbps. Also Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence is turned on.
    2. I found I couldn't have two HS100's next to each other which may become a problem again.
    3. QOS is turned on and their priority is set to high
    4. They have been given static IP's
    5. I am not combining 2.4Ghz and 5GHz channels in to one SSID

    I can't say for sure which of the above combination make the difference, only that these are my settings. I hope these help someone.


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    Junior Member BioProf is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2018
    SOLVED. Followed suggestion/hint that I read two days ago (this forum, I think; perhaps not this threat) and so far it's worked. My HS105 disappeared regularly. Could not access it via Google Mini nor via KASA app on Android smartphone. But when it was "there" two days ago, I made itsthen current IP assignment from the DHCP on my router permanent/fixed. There has been no problem since. HW 1 SW 1.5.1

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    Oh the irony. The morning after my last post above one of the switches dropped off the network. So while the situation seems to have improved it is by no means solved. However, the Nighthawk R7000 router I recently bought is looking more and more like the culprit. It is a terrible router, worse than the Virgin Hub2ac I have. Things seem to drop on and off the network all the time. So while there may be something TP-Link can do to remedy the situation I'm now taking my complaint to Netgear. One last thing I've done to try to aid the situation. On this router I restart the wireless at 05:00 every morning. So far, so good. All HS devices attached again.


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