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    HS105 Keep Falling off from network

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    Hi I just got the new HS105 mini Smart plugs, I have a issue with them every 2-3 days they keep falling off the network. The light on it goes SOLID AMBER. So Can someone tell me if they have found a fix for it yet or not. Tp-Link needs to fix this I am on Hardware ver 1.0 and Firmware version 1.1.3

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    I'm having the same issue. I have two units and have tried it on two different wireless networks now, using HT40 and HT20, forcing high and low channels, changing authentication etc. They both drop from the network after a few days and don't re-establish a connection until I get behind my desks and remove them and remove them from the socket, and then plug them back in. Very annoying and renders the devices pointless. I've done the firmware upgrade using the iotUpgradeTool and no change.

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    Could it be your router? Has it always been a problem? What if you move one plug closer to the router as a test?
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    Next time they drop off perhaps try rebooting your router. I've found that works with my devices that have that same problem - most often an LB130 but occasionally an HS200 and LB110. A proactive reboot early each morning (my router has a reboot schedule function) eliminates most of the occurrences. Seems there's something funky in the TP Link firmware where they occasionally drop and don't try to reconnect on their own.


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