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Ive got an internet connection of 50MB/s download. I bought the TL-PA4020PKIT v1 some days ago and tested them immidiately and had 49 down. Now im all of a sudden in MAXIMUM 26 for some reason.
1. Connecting the laptop on the ethernet on the router, result 49MB/s
2. Connection another device on the powerline 26MB/s
3. Changing ethernet ports as long as cables on the router and on the pl devices same results
4. Unpluggling the powerlines for some time
5. Upgrading the firmware once again
on the utility software shows me a connection of 85 to 130 MB/s
What's going on? Please help me.
I had issues with the wifi so i spent every euro i had on those powerlines to get over with it and now this... Im frustrated to the bone