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Hi all,first time here.
Big problem with internet in the place where i work.
So we have a Linkem provider(an italian internet provider witch use LTE technology)
First antenna is wired to modem witch is set as AP antenna
Second antenna is set as AP antenna
Third antenna is set as Client device connected to first AP antenna
Fourth antenna is set as Client device(the one with problem)connected to first AP antenna
All the antennas are the same TL-WA7510N with V2 firmware
Only mine antenna sometimes just crash from the network,getting APIPA address on latop,unable to do anything without powering off all the network and back on.
First i tought was a DHCP lease problem not giving correct IP after right time.All dhcp option is disabled in the antenna settings exept for the modem(the Linkem witch provide internet).
Signal i strong,connection is good(30mbps)
When the antenna crash,i'm forced to set a Static IP to access the Antenna,switch connection to another antenna and back the original one,this whould fix the problem,but sometimes connection between the 2 antenna the Client(mine)and the AP.Now i should have fixed the problem trought my phone,accessing AP antenna and restarting.
Sometimes under heavy load(download without limitation)the antenna crash and need to force restart everything to get back online.
DHCP in Linkem modem is set like this (start ip address end ip address ip are .241-242-243