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Just setup my RE305 (TP Link Extender AC1200). Its definitely working, spot in my house that usually gets <5 Mbps is now getting more like 30 Mbps. Even right next to the RE305 I cant quite hit 40 Mbps. Issue is, I can get > 150 Mbps when connected directly to my router in most of the house, which is what I am paying for.

Is there just a limit to the download speeds with this hardware? Thought it was supposed to work up to 300 Mbps or 800 Mbps (depending on the band). Even if I am at 2.4 GHz, should be no problem to hit the max speeds available through the router. And I did just upgrade the firmware, no change


If it helps, here is geometry of my wireless network. Router on main level, unfortunately has to be on one side of the house. Dead spot was one level below, sitting area of basement on opposite side of house. Though I think real culprit is the WiFi gets blocked by the furnace, which is in the center of the basement.

So, I got the extender, it is on main level with direct line of sight to the WiFi router, and sits just above where I am sitting. Definitely improved my speeds down here, but still only 20% of what I get elsewhere.