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    CPE-210 LAN1 Passive POE Passthrough

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    Hi from new users

    My question is about the possibility to hanging 2 passive PoE device with different subnet (and different brand/model) using Passive Poe Passthrough function of CPE-210 on LAN! port?

    On the roof I have 2 CPE:
    [A] (unknow brand) CPE ( provided by my WISP (internet connection)
    [B] TPLINK CPE-210 ( used in AP mode to give wireless connection for outside

    May connect and power CPE [A] using LAN1 port of CPE-210 [B] even they are in different subnet just to use a single data/power cable for both devices?

    Many thanks and sorry for english mistakes

    >ROUTER for Office wired connection
    >CPE-210 [B] for outside wireless connection

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    No, must be on the same subnet to do so (or use VLANs). See http://www.tp-link.com/at/faq-695.html

    BTW: The discussions forum is better for general questions, you would get answers much faster.


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