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    switch for HS105 plug

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    So I know it defeats the purpose of a "smart plug", but I was wondering if there is a compatible physical switch for the HS105 smart plug. I would like a physical switch for the plugs so I don't need my phone to turn them on. Then when I get either an echo or a google home assistant I can use that as well. I know there might be other solutions. I'm open to other ideas, but please at least try to answer the original question first. I have 3 lamps in our living room. I'd like to use these plugs to control them, but still want a physical switch to them. The current wall outlets have no switch, just power. Thanks.

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    I have the HS100 and HS110's that both have physical switches for off/on without the app. I don't have the HS105, but isn't there a physical switch on the side for turning it off/on manually?

    Another option is to grab a low end phone (< $10 from walmart) to dedicate as a "smart" lightswitch panel - leave it on/running in the room for each access. Aftermarket apps like mine provide widgets so you can configure the main phone page as a home automation console - giving you visual status and single touch control for all of your devices.


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