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I recently purchased a TL-ER5120v2 load balance router to aggregate two internet connections.

The first connection is a 24MBps/1MBps on a Cisco 886 ADSL router. The second is a 20MBps/20Mbps on a TL-WR1043ND wireless router.

A cable from each router's integrated switch goes to WAN1 and WAN2 respectively.

Both WANs are configured with dynamic IPs coming from the two DHCP servers running on both of the two routers.

I configured the ER5120v2 router as FAQs suggested to aggregate the two connections and on speed test sites get approximately (as expected) the sum of the two bandwidths.

This did not happen and now we have a poor result which is even slower than the one before adding the ER5120v2.

The two routers do not support bridge mode (or at least I didn't find how to switch) and I cannot make it to work.

The network users do mostly everyday stuff with internet but they would much appreciate more bandwidth as they are many.

If someone can advise me of what to do to make it work with the three routers it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you