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    PLC Utiliy recognizes TP-PA8030P as an unknown device

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    I have a TL-PA8030P KIT connected and running with an AVM FritzBox 7490. Everything runs smooth, there is only one problem. I am not able to update the kit. The PLC Utiliy recognizes the powerline adapters but only as unknown devices. The only option I can choose is to rename them.
    Any idea what to do?

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    Same here. I've used the old PLC utility that came on CD with the adapter. That worked - and the downloadable tpPLC utility still doesn't to this day.

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    Would you upload the old version? Seems I dont have the CD anymore.

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    Try a hard reset?

    Or If there is newer firmware then use the recovery utility I posted elsewhere on here and update it.

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    The problem is with how tpPLC guesses which adapters are TP-Link product and which aren't. Unlike ALL the other vendors, TP-Link PLCs do not have the "vendor" and "product" fields filled correctly - this is a firmware problem. Instead, the "unit name" field is filled with a string that reads "tp_ver_...". tpPLC utility looks for that string.

    Now if you rename your PLC adapter units with a generic PLC management tool, TP-Link adapters become unrecognizable, only a factory reset ever brings them back.

    To get this right, TP-Link would have to configure their firmware correctly. Note this is true across all series that use Qualcomm chips - AV200, AV500, AV1200.

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    OK, so a hard / factory reset as above then. To do that, repower the Powerline adaptor and hold down the sync button for about 15 seconds...

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    In my case my FritzBox could reset the powerlan adapter

    I got the same problem as you described, my TP-Link PowerLan Adapter was shown as unknown device in tie PLC-Tool.
    But I remembered that I found the PowerLan Adapter in my FritzBox home network. I looked in my Fritzbox home network overview, found the PowerLan Adapter and in the detail page, there was a reset button. After I reseted the PowerLan Adapter, the PLC-Tool found the Adapter as a tp-link device. Now, it works.

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    ... and once you name the TP-Link adapter using the Fritz!Box user interface, it'll be "unknown" to TP-Link software again. See above for why.

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    No, I only reset the powerline adapter via Fritzbox menu. After the reset, the adapter was correctly shown in the PLC-Tool.


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