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    Wink Integration?

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    Is there any way to integrate the TP-Link HS105 smart plug with a Wink Hub?

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    You mean can you control your TP Link devices using the wink app? I assume you're not asking to control a wifi device like the TP Link with the (quickly going obsolete) zigbee support in the wink hub, that would defeat the purpose.
    Not to my knowledge, but there are a few aftermarket apps that integrate multiple device vendors.

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    That is exactly what I would like to do. 100% of my home is Wink controlled, which is linked to Alexa. I have no desire for multiple apps and multiple integrations.

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    So much for vendor neutral . Wink is a hub, TP Links main feature is being hub-less. You could look higher up the stack and link through alexa instead of just wink to unify your devices which is more vendor neutral (amazon aside). Otherwise you're stuck with whatever wink decides to support.


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