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    AP200 DHCP issues

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    I have just purchased an AP200.

    Having had a few access points in the past I thought this would looked quite good especially with the POE feature


    I want it in AP mode and not repeater as I don't want to loose some of my routers signal.

    So.... set it up with same ssid as my router, changed IP to static and put in the routers address as gateway. Now on every other device I have ever had this just works.....

    However, AP200 has DHCP and out of the box wants to server IP addresses to 100-199 range. However, I don't need another as one DHCP on a home lan with 5 people and tops 15 devices is good enough.

    However, if I turn off AP200 DHCP and connect to it via WIFI I get now DHCP address and therefore no internet access.

    Why is this? As to me its a pretty bad bug in the AP200 firmware if it cannot just route and find a DHCP server.

    Any thoughts appreciated. Have reset device a number of times and still not working. I do not feel that I should set up two DHCP devices, when this is overkill. As said I cannot see why there is a need on a mostly domestic product to have two DHCP servers.



    So I may have resolved the issue, but it requires a total reset of your network devices. Basically Windows 10 would not let go of the IP address of the AP200. So the gateway when connecting to the WIFI would always go to Yes I could do static, but then a pain when out and about.

    Doing the total reset seems to have done the job.

    It would be nice to have the default settings to not give out DHCP. As in most cases DHCP is already being delivered by your router. It would also create a conflict (which it did for a time) whereby two devices are trying to server a range of 100-199

    So if possible could TPLINK issue a firmware update to disable DHCP by default. Those who know and understand it can enable if they want to.
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