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    Unhappy Failed to install a new AP

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    I have installed 18 AP EAP220, when I install the 19 appears a few minutes and then it stops working. And if I want to install one more, it does not appear on the AEP Controller.

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    Seems strange, have this issue been solved?
    How about changing a computer for this EAP controller? And how about changing an EAP220? Will this issue happens all the same?

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    Any updates? Are your EAPs in the same subnet with the host PC where the EAP Controller is installed? Give a rest on that EAP

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    Did you solve the problem?
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    I could not solve the problem.
    The APs are all on the same network; also the PC with eap controller.
    After configuring it with eap controller it is disconnected.

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    Update your EAP cController and also all the EAPs.


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