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    Question Direkt login into Hotspot-Manger is not possible (Login authentication failed)

    Model : 9x EAP220 and EAP-Controller Software Version: 2.4.7
    Hardware Version : 1.0
    Firmware Version : 2.0.3 Build 20170113 Rel. 55505

    I have to setup a hotel wifi-hotspot (with portal and client vouchers) including 9 EAP 220 and EAP Controller tomorrow. I installed all in a test envirement in my office and the essentials are working nicely. But if I logout the admin from EAP Controller and go directly to "https://controller-ip-address:8043/hotspot/login" there is no login possible. Not as admin, not as operator. I always get the message "Login authentication failed". When I login using the same accounts into the controller-software first (https://controller-ip-address:8043/) it works fine. But thats not a good solution. I want to setup one account for the hotel-reception desk to generate tickets and to have a look at the hotspot-infopages. They will torture me and the controller-software-settings if they need full admin access to generate new guest-tickets... Please, please help.
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