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    How to add AV1000 to existing AV600 network

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    I am having no luck with adding AV1000 to AV 600 by using the pairing buttons or using the tp-link utility any suggestions please.


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    Red face

    Ok I ve got it integrated now perseverance pays off. The models were PA7010P and WPA4220

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    As an update, after spending considerable time trying to integrate the PA7010P with my existing WPA4220 and finally getting them to pair the whole network is very unstable with internet access lost. Several reboots and generally wasting time I conclude these devices are not compatable despit the sales litrature. Will be returning the AV1000. for refund. Also several versions of the TP LINK utilities that I have tried are very flaky in that its pot luck if all the devices on the network are recognised. So in all not a happy bunny even if it is easter.
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