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    TP Link AV500 loses constantly losing connection

    Model : TP Link AV500

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : Netherlands Ziggo


    My apologies in advance as I'm not very technical with these matters, so please bear with me.

    I purchased a TP Link AV 500 extender as the walls between the router and the back of the house are very thick. The extender works ok in terms of receiving a signal but it constantly loses connection to the internet.
    The way I get it back is to go to System Preferences on my Mac, Network > Wifi Connection > Assist Me > Diagnostics (at which point it shows that Wifi, Settings, Network settings and ISP are on green) but Internet and Server are yellow - indicating a problem. I then click on the network Link Name (TCP Link Home) > Continue > Choose Wi-Fi under Port configuration > Choose network TP_LINK_BC8FDC > Continue > Network Diagnostics wants to access key TP_Link_BC8FDC in your keychain > Click Always Allow > Quit and comes back up.
    5 minutes later and it's gone again.

    Just to give you an idea how often it drops, by the time I finished writing this email it had dropped twice already!

    Can anyone help please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: How do I find the Hardware and Software versions?
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    Any help?

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    Can anyone assist with this at all please?

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    What's weird is that my VPN connection remains fine i.e. the connection is good but if I have a separate window or Skype open, they (Skype and internet page) both drop connection regularly with the VPN window remaining ok.

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    Are you supposed to do something on this forum before anyone assists? I don't mean to be rude just asking.

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    Pinging the router address works fine too.
    Does it Montague?
    Yes it does, how odd is that?
    I know right, very odd.
    I'm sure someone will be along soon.....
    righty o!

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    Have you tried plugging it and out again?


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    Quite an interesting thread!

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    $50 to your favourite charity (payment via PayPal) to anyone who helps resolve this problem. Problem must be resolved to claim the donation.


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