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    RE causing wifi disconnection

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    I purchased a pair of TL-WA850RE range extenders which initially worked well by boosting my wifi signal. However after a couple of days I found my wifi disconnected from some equipment but not others. Rebooting my modem fixed this but 2 days later the same thing. This situation was unchanged for 2 weeks. Spoke to my ISP, who supplied the modem, and they suggested some changes, ie channel, use 2.4 only, etc. Problem of disconnections continued unabated. Unplugged both REs and problem has disappeared (2 weeks, no disconnections), along with reverting back to a weaker wifi signal. Effectively the REs are causing the disconnection and the modem is not the issue. Is there something in their setup I can do to get them to give me a stronger signal but eliminate the ongoing disconnections? I'm no tech head so simple advice please.
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    Two weeks after unplugging both wifi extenders the problem of Internet disconnection has disappeared. Clearly the extenders are the problem. Not much point buying an extender if it increases the signal strength but simultaneously causes constant Internet disconnections. $80 not well spent!


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