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Thread: QOS routers

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    QOS routers

    Model : TD-W8951ND V5.1

    Hardware Version : V5.1

    Firmware Version : 5.0.0 BUILD 160113 Rel.12389

    Hello, so i got the TD-W8951ND V5.1 router with the lasted firmware update i was trying to get set up QOS for my online games but i never got it to work still experiencing some lags when someone else is using the internet to watch youtube etc i tried already the setting on FAQS but none of them work , if anyone here that could help me out or can share their setting i would be really thankful
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    well this is very disappointing .....

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    that doesn't help with my issue lol

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    QoS on this router is not good idea. W8951 has a weak processor .

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    ah that make sense now, i guess there is nothing else i can do thank for the help
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