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    Wired powerline and Wlan Mixed

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    Hi there,

    I browsed for a while but didn't find a similar thread.

    Current setup:
    TL-PA8010P KIT. 1 plugged in upstairs, and 1 plugged in on the ground floor. Both are attached to routers by LAN cable. The ground level router is connected to the incoming line, upstairs is connected to a router that is setup as a WLAN repeater.

    I need to put a wireless solution in the basement and I don't have a spare router.
    So I thought about just getting a TL-WPA4220KIT, and plugging it in downstairs with a very short LAN cable to the other part of the TL-WPA4220KIT.Would this work?

    Thanks for a reply.


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    Just plug the WLAN-enabled PLC wherever you need it, and make it join the powerline network that you already have.


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