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    Hi rTouris, I haven't had time to play with the set up. I've booked some time out this weds to resite the mast and try get a better link. I'll let you know the result. You seem to have a few sites up and running may i ask what you're doing with these? wisp?

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    Awaiting further updates

    Regarding the links I had to setup a PtmP one for personal use and have since 'escalated' to installing several simpler PtP ones for colleagues and friends who need internet access on remote sites with no telephone connectivity in the respective areas..

    Spoiler alert: some STAs in sheds are powered using solar panels (with batteries / inverters and the whole lot)!

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    So.......had some time to play with this and manged to get up to 20 db with a 37 meg connection coming down good but not the full 50 i can get at source (mast fully extended 10 meters). I've had a few ideas of linking some other houses that i've got from the remote link so needing the full 50 is now important. Decided to take the plunge and buy some more expensive equipment that does ac and now have a link at the same spot of between 80-100. When i fully extend the pole i can get around 200 not bad although for the neighbors sake i'll leave it lower and just get the 80-100 meg!!

    The next challenge is using the spare tp link cpes i now have to beam the net from my remote site to a further remote site (cant be seen from the source). If i can get that working i'll up the net to 80 meg at the source site.


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