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    Red face TPlink M7350 Using an overseas SIM

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    I've just registered on this forum. We've bought a new M7350 LTE Advanced Mobile WIFI - which is Unlocked so we can use it overseas. It currently has an Australian telstra sim in it. We have purchased a USA data SIM which will be activated by the provider soon (so it will be activated before we leave Australia). I'm uncertain as to the sequence of events we need to follow to put the new SIM in the device. The SIM is an AT&T network SIM (American). We will obviously need to change the device's APN settings for it to work (as advised by the SIM provider). At what point should we put the AT&T SIM in and attempt to change the APN settings? Should we do this manually before we leave Australia (obviously the SIM won't be able to be used in Australia as it's an AT&T SIM for use in USA). I have the details regarding what needs to be in each field of the APN settings. If we wait until we arrive in USA and attempt to use the device with the AT&T SIM in it, will we even be able to access the home page on our wifi tablets (our only other devices) in order to update the APN settings. I feel like it's the 'chicken or the egg'...how do you update APN settings when you can't establish a connection without them - but you need a connection in order to get to the homepage where you can update the APN settings? Also, has anyone had experience with this. Do the APN settings automatically change when the USA SIM is in the device and we land in America, without having to put them in manually? Or will we need to do this manually - in which case, how is that achieved without a connection? Thanks all. Hope someone has the answer for this.

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    The M7350 should be able to automatically detect the APN of the SIM card. In case the SIM network is not detected automatically,
    the band thing is you need to have a different source of internet in order to check on the web the APN setting of your SIM.

    I think one solution is to check the APN setting first on other forums or send an email to the SIM provider so you have an idea
    what is the correct APN settings.

    Next is to install TPMifi app on your device so you can logon to the M7350 using the tpmifi app and use it to change/configure
    the APN settings.

    Good luck.Leanne


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