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    WPA2220 V1 MAC a 00:00:00:00

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    after update... MAC is 00:00:00:00 can't pair with PA4020

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    Same problem after update

    My powerline adapter WPA4220 V1 has got the same problem after the update to version "TL-WPA4220T KIT(EU)_V1_160525". I did the update with the "TL-WPA4220T KIT_V1_Powerline_Scan_Utility" also downloaded from the official website.

    I am able to connect to the web interface, but pairing with my other adapters (also from TP Link) doesn't work.

    System log:

    Index Log Content
    1 0002:System: The device initialization succeeded.
    H-Ver = WPA4220 v1 08EF4015 : S-Ver = 1.2.9 Build 160525 Rel.35241n
    L = : M =

    Powerline - network settings:
    MAC Address: 00-00-00-00-00-00
    Device Password: XVKC-UZZL-TVDX-OJDF

    The shown Device Password isn't the same password that is printed on the back of the adapter.

    Any clues how to get the adapter working again?


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