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We have Comcast Business class service with 5 fixed IP addresses because we run a web server and Exchange server on our network. Comcast charges $15 a month for rental of the modem so we purchased a TC-7610 to replace the rented modem. We swapped modems but were not able to get the line to provision automatically using a laptop plugged directly into the modem so we called Comcast tech support. In a couple of minutes the tech provisioned the line and our laptop was able to get out. We hung up and switched the connection back to our network. We were now unable to connect. A quick check found that the tech had provisioned the line with a DHCP connection instead of our static IP's in spite of having our complete account information in front of him. We called back. When we explained the problem we were told that "Comcast cannot access a subscriber owned modem to provision static IP addresses."

Of course they can access a subscriber owned modem because they had previously done so and I know of no technical reason why the TC-7610 can't be provisioned with static IP addresses. This seems to be a business policy aimed at forcing the subscriber to continue renting hardware from Comcast. Has anyone had the same experience? Is there any technical reason that prevents the TC-7610 from being provisioned with 5 static IP's?