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    Powerline Adapters as WiFi repeater

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    I am using the AP sharing on my android phone for my home network and looking for options to improve my phone WiFi coverage.
    So I am wondering whether it is possible to setup a powerline wifi adapter to connect to the WiFi network on my phone and share it to other powerline adapter.


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    Not sure I understand your question. I assume you are talking about extending your home Wi-Fi from a router, not from your phone acting like a hotspot.
    You have to make sure you pick a model that reproduces the wireless signal (several of TP-Link's products are wired only.) I used the TP-WPA4220KIT (one base station, one remote) to extend the Wi-Fi from the office to the social hall in my building, which the router could not reach due to the intervening walls.
    The base station plugs into an outlet by the router, and is connected with an ethernet cable. The other piece goes ultimately goes wherever in the building you can find an outlet on the same main circuit, but it has to be initialized first.
    The setup is easy -- sometimes the graphic approach is fuzzy, so here it is in words:
    * Plug both units next to each other. Run the ethernet cable from the base into a port on your router. Then initialize with the "pair" buttons on the units.
    * If you want the repeater to have the same SSID as the router, press the automatic connect button on the router, and then the button on the repeater. It should clone.
    * If you don't want the use the same name, either you can use the default name & pw printed on the remote's label or you can customize an SSID this way: Take the repeater unit and plug it into a PC or laptop with an ethernet cable (it has to be plugged into power too.) Download the TP utility onto the PC and run it. When the utility finds the repeater, create the SSID and PW you want.
    * Now take the repeater and put it wherever you want. Make sure the correct LED lamps are lit on the repeater (it can take up to a minute or so for the unit to establish communication). Now you should see the the desired SSID on your cell phone at full bars - so you can connect to it. Depending on your phone or other wireless device, it may or may not automatically switch to the stronger signal if the base signal is still present -- you may have to force it if you need the stronger connection.

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    No that's not possible directly. You might want to look at something like this:


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    The Vogon - not sure the TL-WR902AC will fit what Nelsonlks wants -- while it can connect to wired or wireless networks, it does not output a wired connection for a powerline base. One of advantages of the unit is that if you travel, you can use this so you always have the same log in. A VPN is always a good safety measure, (even on a wired system that is not yours.) If the TL-WR902AC is used to connect to a public Wi-Fi, an unencrypted connection to a website may still be visible to a hacker on the public Wi-Fi.

    Looking at the original question again, it might be that Nelsonlks is using the phone to set up a hotspot (either from his wireless provider's 3G/4G network or some other accessible Wi-Fi) to spread private Wi-Fi to the rest of the area, (implying there is not wired broadband available.) I am not familiar with all varities of pure Wi-Fi Extenders that boost the Wi-Fi signal without a wired connection. If they also have LAN output ports, Nelsonlks could set one up near the phone, and then wire the TP-Link powerline extenders from there, with the base connected to the Wi-Fi extender. Of course, the phone would always need to be near the Wi-Fi extender.


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