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    Kasa Sunrise / Sunset -- Need Offset Time capability

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    It's great to have the sunrise / sunset capability built into the Kasa app. However, now needed is the ability to set a certain length of time before or after the current sunrise / sunset official time to actually turn on / off the lights or switch. Very often the official time for sunrise / sunset is 30 minutes or more off from when users ideally want to have lights come on or off.

    By being able, to example, set "Sunset + 30 minutes" as the On time for my outside lights, I will never have to adjust the schedule but will also not waste 30 minutes of electricity everyday when those lights are still not needed.

    Thank you for great products! Keep up the good work!

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    Many thanks for your feedback. We will submit your feedback to the product engineer. At present, you can firstly check the sunrise/sunset time according to your location on the Google, then directly set a certain time according to the sunrise/sunset time.

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    "At present, you can firstly check the sunrise/sunset time according to your location on the Google, then directly set a certain time according to the sunrise/sunset time."

    Sure... but unless you live on the Equator, it changes every day.

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    I find a practical but inconvenient way: I changed the time zone on the device to another time zone. Like if I am on GMT +4 actually, I can change it to GMT +3. It will be 1 hour late, not 30 minutes though

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    For more flexibility a separate automation app might make sense. For example mine does this very easily, allowing any variety of before or after sunrise or sunset, or even random offsets for that "lived in" look.

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    Which app do you use?

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    Mine (AutomationManager). Click on my name above to go to my TP Link visitors page for more information. There are other apps available. I like to think mine is the easiest to set up and the most cost effective, flexible, and feature rich, but of course I'd say that .

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    Cool, programs the app the TP-Link Smart Plug so that it will work offline or ist the app needed all time because it switches the smart plug instantly?

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    Yep, that's right, the rule engine runs inside the app (working as a hub/server) rather than trying to run rules on the switch, This allows a much larger rule set than is possible using the TP Link rules only - for example the sunrise/sunset offset trigger schedule.

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    Junior Member Passatiji is on a distinguished road
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    I would second this request and confirm "Offset" is a requirement in the native Kasa APP

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    I'd like to add my support for the ability to set and offset to the Kasa app. I have my living room lamp set to go on at sunset and it's already getting dark. I would have set a mechanical timed to go on a half hour ago. Smart plugs should be smart enough for real world situations. People don't wait for sunset to turn on lights.

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    Junior Member joergent is on a distinguished road
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    Definitely a priority 1 requst for enhancement. At sunset I turn on some light outside for a number of hours, but it should be 30 minutes later. The sunrise time I do not use. I have managed to change the location of the unit to believe it is further west and thus believing the sunset is at a later time, but this is awkward and not precise.

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    Please request this feature at support@tp-link.com so that tp link gets to know what their costumer like.


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