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    Kasa Sunrise / Sunset -- Need Offset Time capability

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    It's great to have the sunrise / sunset capability built into the Kasa app. However, now needed is the ability to set a certain length of time before or after the current sunrise / sunset official time to actually turn on / off the lights or switch. Very often the official time for sunrise / sunset is 30 minutes or more off from when users ideally want to have lights come on or off.

    By being able, to example, set "Sunset + 30 minutes" as the On time for my outside lights, I will never have to adjust the schedule but will also not waste 30 minutes of electricity everyday when those lights are still not needed.

    Thank you for great products! Keep up the good work!

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    Many thanks for your feedback. We will submit your feedback to the product engineer. At present, you can firstly check the sunrise/sunset time according to your location on the Google, then directly set a certain time according to the sunrise/sunset time.


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