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    Archer T4U speed issues caused by windows 10 creators update related to QoS?

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    Hi all,

    i just have updated the windows 10 creators update. I am experience right now that the upload speed is fine but the download speed is really worse.

    I have 16 Mbits up but just 1 Mbits down instead of 50 Mbits down.

    The moment i disable "QoS" within the driver i get 25 Mbits down but i only connect with "5 GHz / a / 20 Mhz / 1x1" instead of "5 GhZ / ac / 80 Mhz / 2x2".

    So i am not able to use "ac" with full speed anymore. The moment i try "ac" i just get less than one Mbit.

    I am using the latest driver and have tried any kind of possible configuration within the driver without luck..

    So i am pretty sure the Archer T4U is not really compatible with latest windows 10 creators update ( or reverse.. ).

    I dont know if its some general issue with latest Windows update or just related to Archer T4U.

    Am i the only one experiencing this kind of issue right now?

    Best Regards
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    Hi all,

    i just was able to solve this on my own. Some driver update tool called "Snappy Driver Installer" has suggested some new driver to me which works fine.

    Just check out the following screenshot is you experience similar issues.

    The left driver was installed before and the right one just works great for me with latest windows 10 creators update

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    I can confirm that this newer driver also fixed the same issue for me. TP-Link need to update their driver on the product support page because the old one has a genuine issue with the new Creators Update.Until they do, if you want to search for it on your own then you can google 'TP-Link 1030.13.704.2016' which should give you a list of download sites for that particular version of the driver. My download speeds went from 10mbit to 200mbit after updating which is where they should be.Cheers to the OP for solving the issue.

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    Since creators update I got very slow 1-3Mbit Internet speed.

    I think the driver shipped with the creators update is broken.

    Installing the old one from tp link or using the one specified in this thread fixes the issue and speeds are back to my ISP contracts maximum.

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    My T4U V2 would not connect with Creators update until I disabled QoS, then it connects just slow speed 4-7Mbps. over 100Mbps before the update. I tried to install latest drivers windows said installed driver is current. I may have installed updated driver at some point because driver is Realtek 10/26/2016 Version 1030.11.503.2016

    Edit: I found the 1030.13.704.2016 driver and it works more or less. speed not what i was getting. honestly, so many issues with creators update, i may just roll back.
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    i installed this driver but nothing changed. . T4U V1

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    Quote Originally Posted by cotik View Post
    i installed this driver but nothing changed. . T4U V1
    I started looking for driver in those directories, I got it installed and everything ok


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    fixed it by installing the utility as well, thank you anyway for the help

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    I may need to retire my T4U V2 at this point. I rolled back to Windows 10 without Creators Update and this adapter seems to disconnect all the time even with 1030.13.704.2016 driver. I didn't see a full driver with Utility anywhere. Driver on tp-link site is pretty old.

    V2 is Realtek RTL8812AU chipset.

    Not sure what adapter to try next.

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    I was getting the same issue with Win 10 1703 dropping connections. The seem to be lots of wifi issues with the 1703 update. A couple articles I found useful:

    Run a wifi report:https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/...network-report

    Workarounds / fixes:https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...3-e12dcb2607ba

    Changing MTU to 1400 seems to have fixed the issues I was experiencing. No connections have been dropped in the last 24 hours.

    Hope this helps you
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    Nice job! I was looking for that

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    new drivers didn't help with Creators Update for me. still issues and disconnections.

    will roll back windows tomorrow and look for another wireless adapter.


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