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    Thanks a lot. Worked like a charm. Testing both with new 3.2.4b version. Speed looks similar, I will inform later about stability.

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    Thank you @The Vogon for sharing this!
    I installed it on my two V1 devices and they work better. The router says the connection is dropped and re-established some times per hour, but fewer times than before. Streaming/downloading things works fine. This and the latest internal PLC tool which can set the power saving mode for the powerline devices makes the setup finally work as it should from the start.
    This or the beta FW from August is the best dor me.

    Thanks again!

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    seams more stable, same speed

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    Does anyone know whether there's updated firmware suitable for Australian models?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillyChuck View Post
    Does anyone know whether there's updated firmware suitable for Australian models?
    To answer my own question, TP-Link support say this: "AU devices can download the beta for EU. It doesn't matter."

    But if I try to update via tpPLC it fails immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillyChuck View Post
    Does anyone know whether there's updated firmware suitable for Australian models?
    Well now, firmware 3.4.2b has been published in the US. I tried that; it worked!

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    Maybe they will eventually get round to it on the UK site...

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    New firmware seens to works more stably and resolve some issues. It's good to run the latest firmware.

    But when the 2nd LED is flashing red, there could be interference between the troublesome adapter and the master adapter. My suggestion is moving the troublesome adapter to a different power outlet or exchange its location with the other working daptes to see where the where the issue lies, whether it's a specific socket or a specific adapter.
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    All - I successfully updated the firmware on all 4 adapters and enjoyed trouble-free connectivity ..... for about 4 weeks. Then suddenly the red LED!

    I have reverted to 1gig Powerlines from another brand and have zero faith in TP-Link products.

    I'm hoping this product design / QA testing was a one-off flaw.


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    I had the same last week, one time so far...updated all adapters(HW V1 EU) to latest official 3.4.2b firmware and they ran several days without drops(but still "performance hickups" in between).
    I had to plug off all of them to get network again. So i declare this incident as a "one time thing".

    I bought this adaptors because i cannot lay cable through my appartement, and i need them to broadcast SAT>IP signals from my server to clients in several rooms.
    So the signal is a continuous stream and i see from time to time(sometimes more, sometimes less) picture errors when watching tv, that's why i tell this "performance hickups"(do not accur on lan!).

    I changed power sockets on walls but it's not better...

    Is TP-LINK working on such performance issues or do i have to throw them away?! :-(

    Thank you all in advance for your tips/infos...
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    @The Vogon
    How did you disable jumbo packets and ipv6 on these adapters? o_O
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    I disabled that on my PCs / NAS / Routers not the adaptors. However I have since turned it back on with firmware 3.2.4b and it seems to be stable.

    I haven't actually tested if the 9xxx firmware supports IPv6 and I'm not sure it supports Jumbo packets either for that matter, but having it enables seem OK now.

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    After a long hunt around, I finally found that Powerline apparently only supports standard size Ethernet frames (1500 Octets) according to the AV2 Powerline spec. document.

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    Ok, thank you...

    Nevertheless, i still have the problem with the performance mentioned in my first post, in this case with continuous stream interruption/picture errors.

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    Try swapping adaptors if you have more that 2 and see if the problem moves with a specific adaptor.

    It's also possible you have intermittent mains interference. For instance aircon, microwave, tumble dryer, washing machine, or anything else with a large electric motor. And fluorescent lights can cause interference too.


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