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    Mine has just started doing this, the middle light flashes red.

    I updated 3 of my 4 adapters to the latest firmware (UK) last month, 1 won't update for some reason.

    Any ideas of things to try?

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    I did a factory reset on all 4. I think the new version is problematic.To be honest, I'm considering getting a refund for these and going back to the devolo 1200's

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    No issues (finally!) once on the latest 3.2.4b firmware for me. I have 6 of them in a large home, and also a 1200 WiFi adaptor.

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    I wish i could say ive had no issues with 3.2.4b but a couple times a month my powerlines stop working. Sometimes i can just unplug the one connected to the router and that sorts it but on other days i have to disconnect them all and do a full factory reset and then re-pair. At other times the middle led flashes red when its been fine for ages. These have been more hassle than worth and they aint cheap so you would expect more support when people are still having the same problems. Everytime i try to download the UK Version firmware it downloads the EU version so i have no idea if its the right one. I just would like them sorted before i take a sledgehammer to them or i drop dead from the stress and confusion they cause me.

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    Yes, same here every 1-3 weeks...until the middle led begins to flash green/red or lights up red constantly, they work w/o issues...then i have to power reset them, then they work again for weeks...damn annoying :-/

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    I have same av2000 and I play csgo and it drops out randomly? any fixes??? I've updated firmware but issue still there

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    TP PLC Software always skips the installation of firmware 3.24b. Any ideas what to do?
    Is there any other possibilty to update the firmware?

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    After 3 Emails and one contact form contact via their Homepage I received a Firmware update link for my bloody 9020, V 1.0 kit. The update from Version 3.24 to 3.24b resulted in zero improvement. So I returned the scrappy stuff.

    In exchange I received four 9020, V 2.0 kit, which I updated to
    3.2.4_902111_170628_901 from their support page. Result: No changes! Powerlines fails every 2 or 3 days. I'll return them and will go for AVM Powerline.


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