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    Extending indoor coverage from outdoor WiFi Hotspot

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    Has anyone tried to extending the indoor coverage from a outdoor Optimum WiFi Hotspot? I tried doing this following several ways but have never been able to get the Optimum WiFi DHCP server to respond.

    One simple wired example is I tried a WiFi-to-100BaseT adapter, using an Ethernet cable to extend the Optimum network a bit farther into the building. I placed the WiFi on an exterior wall that has a reasonable strong Optimum WiFi signal (e.g., a laptop at this exterior location has no problem connecting and operating with a good data throughput) and then ran a Cat 5 cable from the router to a computer. The wireless setup seemed to work fine, but the wired computer connected to the adapter never receive a DHCP response.

    Thank you for your help

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    If your WiFi-to-Ethernet adapter is indeed a router, you have to set up a DHCP server and a default route to make this setup work. Without details of your setup nobody can tell you exactly what to do, except that it would be much easier to use a TL-WA901ND AP or similar in client or repeater mode instead of using a router to wirelessly connect wired or other WiFi devices to a hotspot.
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