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    TP Link AV500, MacBook cannot connect directly to it

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    Hello all! I'm hoping for some help, as I'm losing hair trying to figure out a solution.

    I recently installed an AV500 Powerline adapter with WiFi. It seemed to work fine for a week or two, but recently my Macbook Pro will not connect directly to the AV500 (when it is out of range of the original wifi router). It will, however, remain connected to the repeated wifi network if I connect the Macbook Pro to the original wifi router and then move out of range and into the range of my AV500.

    When I try to connect directly to the AV500, it says "No IP Address" and continually looks to connect to my wifi.

    Interestingly, this does not happen to any of my other devices including my Kindle and iPhone.

    I've tried many solutions I've found online, including reinstalling my Mac OS. Does anyone else have this problem, or know a solution? Thank you kindly in advance.

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    TP Link AV500 MacBook cannot connect directly to it

    im working with dgm8500 radios, i want to know if is possible to integrate the radio to my network via ethernet, see it in the network and use it as well as i use it when is connected directly to my pc, with the same functions


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