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    TL-WA7210N : connection stooped or get slow.

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    We have installed TL-WA7210N devices to ensure WIFI coverage of the site for CCTV cameras,
    We have deployed one as AP and three others as Clients, all Clients were installed at a distance of 1.2 Km in an open space without obstacles, each client connect a CCTV cameras
    sometimes network stopped until we restarted devices , and sometimes the connection becomes veryslow and even with an irregular ping.

    Could you help us solve this problem? thank you in advance.

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    Should see the capacity of the connection, ie how many db has, ideally 30dB, up to 20dB is optimal signal to establish a decent connection ...

    Now must consider the electromagnetic noise factor that greatly affects the wireless links ...

    Also, based on my own experience with these devices, they are not suitable for multipoint links (AP), even as a customer they gave me many problems, just the ones you experience. Disconnections, low speed, ping loss and micro-cuts, I would not bet on them for that scenario ...

    Returning to the subject electromagnetic noise in an area with average noise, 1Km is very optimistic for these equipments, having a fresnel zone optimum and perfect LoS ...

    If you were careful to polish these crucial points (distance, LoS, Fersnel, good signal) you could not do much with them ... you should deal with the 5.8GHz PharOS line (CPE510) which is less exposed to saturation noise Spectrum for devices in 2.4GHz ...

    (It is my personal opinion as user ...)

    Victor A. Ramos M.
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    thanks a lot for your valuable reply,

    I've made some adjustments as :

    Wi-Fi range : 802.11n
    channel with : 20 MHz
    transmit power : 27 DBm

    but unfortunately the connection still stopped ( even that clients are connected with a signal strength over 30Db

    I have attached my diagram, could you please help me or suggest any architecture that may fix this problem

    * is configured as AP
    * is configured as Bridge
    * ALL CPEs with cameras are configured as clients

    thanks a lot for support.
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