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    Unhappy How to Block port 53 DNS LAN on TD-W8968

    Whether you're an action-sports fan or not, you've probably wondered how Tony Hawk's Pro Skater developer Neversoft continues to up the ante year after year. We did, too, so we sat down with Producer Scott Pease to get the inside story on the fourth game (and how they got Jenna Jameson on a best skateboards).

    EGM: It must be challenging to expand on such a winning formula year after year--how do you do it?

    Scott Pease: We simply try to reinvent the game every year. We know that if we give players the same game year in and year out, they're gonna quit buying it, so we try to find a new angle, a new way to make the game fresh. We don't want to be the next Tomb Raider. [laughs] Plus, there's all the stuff from Tony Hawk 3 that got cut near the end-we throw all of that in there, too.

    EGM: Or, in this case, you lose something that's always been standard--the time limit. How did that come about?

    SP: It was something we always wanted to do, but never had the time. Last year, we were so caught up in making the transition to PS2 that just getting the basics--physics, control, animation, rendering, networking, scripting--took so much time that we didn't really have the manpower to rework some of the core mechanics. On this version, with a lot of that stuff already worked out, we were in a better position to experiment and mix things up.

    EGM: The new two-button tricks definitely do that, but now it seems like any bozo can get decent scores with some proper button mashing while grinding.

    SP: That depends on what you call a decent score. Every time you mash like that, you affect your grind balance, so if you really want to work a combo that spans across the whole level--and scores a million or more--button mashing isn't going to get it done. But for less-experienced players, it's a nice way to build small combos. skateboarding tricks for beginners

    EGM: Which brings us to the question of difficulty. How do you decide whether something is too hard, too easy, or just right?

    SP: It's a team thing. We also do a lot of focus testing...we have local kids in to test almost every week without fail. We watch them play and adjust the game accordingly. At first, we might see kids getting stuck or blowing through the game too easily, but week after week, we start to see the bumps smooth out and the game ramp up nicely.

    EGM: The voice acting adds a lot of flavor to this version. Do you have real-life models upon which those characters are based?

    SP: The pro voices you hear in the game are the pros in real life. They all got really into it and were constantly rewriting the script on the fly to make what they said true to skateboarding and their own personalities.

    EGM: Jenna Jameson modeled a secret character. How'd you hook that up?

    SP: It wasn't hard. Until after she came in. That's all I'm saying. [laughs]

    EGM: You obviously get tips from the greatest skaters in the biz. What are the best stats to upgrade first?

    SP: It totally depends on the kind of player you are. I like to skate fast and not worry about being switch, so I go for speed and switch first. We have one guy here who likes to score almost exclusively through lip tricks, so he ups that first. what size skateboard should i get

    EGM: One last question: You've done four Tony Hawk games in about five years. Is there really more room for improvement?

    SP: Always. We get asked that same question every year. Every year, people doubt us. We feed off of that. So, just keep on doubting us. When the next one comes out, hopefully, you'll be surprised once again.
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    I am afraid after you have block port 53 DNS LAN you cannot open any website since the DNS data cannot go through your router.


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