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    RE450 extender - can't obtain IP address

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    I can not find a way to contact TP-link Turkey (no telephone support, no answer through live chat) which is why decided to write here.
    I have fiber internet, modem belongs to ISP and is Huawei. My modem provides DHCP server with permanent IP lease duration.

    I purchased 3x RE450 range extenders to use at home and have installed most updated firmware available on TP-ink Turkey website.
    In the beginning I decided not to use the wireless signal and sete up one of RE450 as access point with two others as range extenders.

    Next day I started noticing issues, devices connected to my wireless setup started to drop the connection saying they can't obtain IP address.
    My xbox one was connected to one of the extenders via cable and was reading it can not connect to the DCHP server.

    I thought the issues was with my ISP modem/connection and was calling them to get the technical support. When we tried everything they asked to disconnect all
    extenders enable wireless of the modem itself and try to connect. All devices connected immediately without issues, obtained IP address automatically, all was fine.
    I then understood the issue is with RE450. I have then disconnected all three, left Huawei modem wireless on, reset one of RE450 and set it up to extend modem's wireless signal (2.4Hz).
    Since IP is provided by Huawei modem, DCHP server of the RE450 extender is off.

    At the connection time setup worked fine for a few hours, and then devices close to the extender stopped getting IP address again and lost connection.
    Pulling RE450 from the electricity socket makes devices connect to the Huawei modem and get IP addresses immediately without any issues.
    I turn on RE450 again, no problem for a few hours, in the morning again all devices drop connection saying they can not obtain IP address. Pull RE450 form it's socket and again everything is connected to the Huawei router wireless immediately without issues.

    I have three RE450 that I paid alot of money for and no way to contact TP-link support Turkey.

    Can anybody assist?

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    it seems like support of TP link in general is one disaster. TPlink Turkey is out of reach completely, so I guess anyone who buys TPlink product does not deserve a customer support, use it if you can, through it away if you can't

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    Likely related to http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....int-mode-issue

    And yes, TP-Link support is absolute garbage. Phone support is better, at least in the US, unless you get forwarded to their overseas call center which is terrible. E-mail support is absolutely useless.

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    This forum belongs to them and if they are reading this and not doing anything about it then shame on them.

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    Forum is for customers to discuss, tp-link staffs may miss this post, could try to contact support team at: support@tp-link.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by camry View Post
    Forum is for customers to discuss, tp-link staffs may miss this post, could try to contact support team at: support@tp-link.com
    Agree with you


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