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hi, when i try to test port-13 (AP) on TL-SG3216 i get this result:

lenght error
pair-A normal 7
pair-B normal 7
pair-C short 7
pair-D short 7
at port-13 i connected----->cable 1------->injector PoE---->cable 2------->AP eap110

if i unlink from that line only the access point
(switch--->cable 1----->PoE injector----->cable 2) ----X---- (AP)
and repeat the test, the status of A-B-C-D will be "open"
is it normal ???

all cables are Cat6 S/FTP with shielded plugs (568b straight)
when i read the word "short" have ceased all testing because that word is pretty scary when you don't know exactly what you're doing...

thx in advance